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Improve Performance, Provoke Thought, Think Critically.

You are constantly striving to improve.  You are looking for practical tips you can apply to your daily work that will impact your performance.  You are looking for advice from professionals who do the work. You want to engage with professionals who have been in your shoes.

Be the Founder that can clearly articulate the problem your company solves.

Be the Sales Professional that your customers want to work with.

Be the Learning Professional who can deliver your solution in the context of the business.

The Find My Catalyst Podcast is published weekly.  We take listener questions at @catalystsale on twitter or via email.

Topics discussed - Revenue Operations, Customer Success, Goal Setting & Execution, Mindset, Performance, B2B Sales, Sales Training, Product Market Fit, Growth, Hiring, Recruitment, Sales Process, Business Acumen, Startups, Leadership.

Aug 27, 2019

Lessons From Golf That We Can Apply In Business

This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast Jody and Mike discuss how the lessons learned in golf apply to business and sales. 

There are so many lessons that we can take from the course that apply to business and in life.  Plus we introduce you to 'el guapo'.

Key Takeaways:

Aug 21, 2019

Let's Fix Work with Laurie Ruettimann

Wow, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry that it took so long to publish this episode. This discussion with Laurie, is one of my favorite discussions I've had on the podcast.  She demonstrates her passion behind fixing work, thinking, and change.

Laurie is an author, speaker, podcaster, and...

Aug 16, 2019

Demystify Sales - a Catalyst Sale Course

I'm really excited to announce the launch of Demystify Sales - Sales for Non-Sales Professionals.  The intention is to help folks like you with a framework, approach, methods, and tools that will improve your capability, confidence, and success when it comes to generating revenue...

Aug 13, 2019

Asking Questions, Preparation, and Gap Selling with Keenan

This is an episode that was a long time in the making.  Keenan, author of Gap Selling, and CEO of A Sales Guy Consulting, joins me on the podcast this week.  This is another conversation where you may want to turn the volume down if the kids are around.


Aug 6, 2019

Own the Outcome

I'm owning the outcome - last week we missed the first weekly podcast release since our launch. This episode demonstrates how far in advance we record many of these episodes. One of my favorite quotes/mantras/sayings is "Control what you can Control" - this is related to the serenity prayer.

This week -...