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Sep 15, 2021

In this episode, Mike and Vicki Znavor have a great conversation about authenticity and purpose in the workplace and in life. Vicki is the author of Authenticity Reawakened: The Path To Owning Your Life’s Story and Fulfilling Your Purpose and she is a certified leadership coach.

Questions Answered:

  • What is authenticity?
  • Why do we struggle with authenticity?
  • How often should we ask the question, “who am I?’
  • What are some good practices to get to authenticity?
  • How do we overcome the fear of being authentic in the workplace?
  • How can authenticity help us to reduce/manage conflict?
  • How do we discover purpose?

Key Takeaways:

  • Authenticity is knowing who you truly are, knowing what matters most to you and having the courage to show up in the world in a way that reflects that.
  • You need to fully understand your story in order to live a life of purpose.
  • We struggle with authenticity because it is painful to look inward.
  • Reawakening - we learn, we grow, we learn, we grow.
  • There can be rewards especially in corporate America to show up in a non-authentic way.
  • We get so busy with life that we forget to ask, “Who Am I?”
  • Ask basic questions, write down the answers.
  • Simple exercises to know who you are:
    • Know what matters most to you
    • Know what you value
    • Think about 5-7 pivotal moments that made you who you are
  • It is important to have leaders that talk about showing up as yourself.
  • The heart of building better relationships with clients is authenticity.
  • It’s common to not handle conflict well in the workplace. We aren’t really taught how to handle conflict and we don’t see a lot of good role models.
  • Intentional Conflict Model - 8 Steps:
    • State your Intention
    • Describe what happened
    • How are you impacted
    • Describe your feelings
    • Ask for explanation
    • Describe what would make it right
    • Negotiate how to move forward
    • Express gratitude
  • If you can name your fear, you are halfway to conquering it.
  • Most of us don’t analyze our lives very thoughtfully at all until we are faced with a crisis.
  • P.I.N.:
    • Problem - can you state the problem in a sentence or two?
    • Information - evidence of the problem
    • Need - what do you need
  • Purpose is really important
  • Questions when considering your purpose:
    • What do you want?
    • When you are at your best, what does that look like?
    • What do you believe?

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