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Feb 5, 2019

Regaining Momentum and Kicking off the New Year - Again

Executing on Your Objectives - This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we discuss maintaining focus on your goals in the New Year, at a time where you might be losing momentum.

Momentum may have faded, you may have already decided to wipe the slate clean.  It's February - get refocused, and start executing.

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Questions Addressed

  • Why do we struggle with execution?
  • Do you set larger goals?
  • How does fitness goals relate to executing professional goals?
  • How can we improve on execution?

Key Takeaways

  • Start with one thing.
  • We tend to overcomplicate goal setting, trying to accomplish too much.
  • If you can execute on the first goal, then establish two more.
  • Push your capacity to the limit, then determine your actual capability.
  • There are always some larger overarching goals. However, there still should be some smaller, more short term objectives that help keep you on track.
  • Jeff Noel discusses goals and focus on this episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast
  • Tactical things you can do to get closer to executing on your goals.
    • Be realistic
    • Deconstruct success - break things down
    • 1st establish goals
    • 2nd establish measurements
    • 3rd identify tools
  • Reevaluate your KPIs often - Measure what matters
  • Think of daily, monthly, quarterly measurements and guideposts
    • Establish step goals
    • Let's say we set a goal to lose 12 lbs in a year.
    • Break this down to 1 lb a month
    • .25 lbs a week
    • Factor in the seasonality
    • Design for the changes
  • Application to sales - think about your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals - Are you creating the number of opportunities necessary to hit your number?
  • Application to product - Are you shipping enough features to hit your major objectives?
  • The mechanism you use to keep track of progress should be incorporated into your daily workflow - i.e. google docs, apps on your phone, etc.
  • Ask this question - Am I making progress or do I need to course correct?
  • Keller - The One Thing - Book Review Podcast
  • You can readjust, reassess, failure is ok.
  • Is it better to set 10 goals, and execute on none?  Or, establish one goal and execute on that one?
  • Losing control of your days can significantly impact goal execution
    • Control the day
    • Setting success criteria
    • Measuring success
    • Evaluate the data
    • Shine the lens backward / ask what did I accomplish?
  • Things will happen, obstacles will occur - compartmentalize
  • Time management is critical - assess your current state - document.
    • List out the things you are currently spending time on.
    • List out the things you should be spending time on.
    • Connect the dots between the things you are doing, and your goals.
    • Eliminate obstacles.
  • Evaluate your goals - Be willing to let go
  • Goal setting and execution are a process
  • You will fail, You will learn from the mistakes
  • You can't change the past, you can create in the future
  • Start with one thing

Simmons - Professional Goals

  • Onboard 5 New Clients in 2019
  • Launch a Digital Subscription Program
  • Launch 2 New Productized Services
  • Speak at 6 Events

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