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Apr 25, 2019

Infinite Learning - How Can You Apply It To Your Role? (Repost)

This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast, we discuss Infinite Learning. Specifically, what is it, how you can apply it to your job, how it applies to sales, and how we apply it within Catalyst Sale.

Mike Simmons first heard the phrase Infinite Learning on a recent Masters of Scale podcast with Reid Hoffman and Barry Diller. A link to that episode is included in the notes below.

Questions Addressed

  • What is the difference between Continuous Learning & Infinite Learning?
  • Is it just another marketing thing?
  • Some learning builds upon other learning.  How do you apply infinite learning in this context?
  • How does Infinite Learning impact sales?
  • What can we do differently?

Key Takeaways

  • This is a concept discussed on Master's of Scale Podcast w/ Barry Diller
  • Continuous Learning - Natural curiosity, desire to keep learning.  If I'm not learning, I'm not getting better
  • Infinite Learning - more of a learning loop - the importance of starting with a beginners mind when you move into a new situation
  • If we anticipate the things we expect to see, it clouds our judgment
  • Jody's experience at the law enforcement academy.  The people who were already good, sometimes struggled.  Learned behavior/knowledge can result in bad habits that need to be broken
  • You have to "unlearn what you have learned" - Yoda
  • Beginning with a blank slate in customer environments, in other words, a blank whiteboard.
    • Preconceived notions can cloud your judgment
    • Force your mind to empty
  • Stick to the simple questions - who is impacted, how are they impacted, why..., where...
  • Let the story unfold
  • There will always be a fit for Successive Approximation - "The concept was first developed and used by B.F Skinner, who is known for his theories that involve learning behaviors through reinforcement. The theory involves reinforcing behavior that are successively closer and closer to the approximations of the desired, or targeted, behavior."
  • There will always be a place for building on previous knowledge.
  • You are going to learn to walk before you run, learn to run before you sprint.
  • Creativity can be stifled by assumptions - A beginners mind can support and reinforce creativity and innovation.
  • It forces a pause, forces a check to see what you are missing, where are your gaps.
  • Remind yourself to go back to the early curiosity that you had as a beginner.
  • Get back to the basics, ask questions.

Call to Action

  • Ask yourself - what can I do differently?
  • Engage with the community via twitter @catalystsale - how are you applying infinite learning concepts?

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