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Oct 23, 2018

Common Question - What If The Customer/Prospect goes Quiet - How do I Get Them To Re-engage?

This is one of the more common questions we receive from listeners and from participants in our workshops/training sessions.  How do I get the client/prospect to re-engage?  

This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we discuss how to avoid this situation, what to do if you are in this situation, and we have a bonus question around sales rep compensation/credit.

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Questions Discussed 

  • How do I get the customer to re-engage?
  • Why is this a common question?
  • Is it important that the content is generated by your organization?
  • What if you are in a rut, how do you get out?
  • Bonus Question - How do I make sure I get credit for the sale?

Key takeaways

  • Sometimes the question is driven by sales management and frequent requests for updates.  CRM may not be current, account plans may not be current.
  • Sometimes the question is a result of sales rep activity or perception.  They could be experiencing be a slump or rut.
  • Avoid the rut by not getting caught in the rut in the first place.
    • Project manage the sales cycle.
    • Establish clear next steps
    • Hold the client/prospect & yourself accountable to these next steps.
    • Create a reason to stay engaged.
  • Account Planning
    • Use your Account Plan.
    • Maintain a list of next steps - what are the 1, 2, or 3 items that I know that the client will need as they go through the buyer journey.
    • Know your gates.
    • Design your next steps based on the journey that you know your customer should go through. i.e. schedule time for the demo, define participants, identify questions, schedule a trial, etc.
    • Manage the buyer journey.
    • Next steps should not be scripted out, but you should understand the guideposts.
  • Always have a list of resources or pieces of information that you can share with the client/prospect that will provide value.
    • Whitepapers, blog posts, podcast, etc
    • Let them know that you have come across the post, and you thought of them.
    • Provide context
    • Have a call to action - this might be an open deliverable that the client is responsible for completing.
  • Take on the role of curator, you are curating information, don't fall into the trap of only sharing content you create.
  • Context is critical.
  • Don't fall into the trap of only working with one point of contact.  Expand your network within the organization.
    • Give yourself another option/person to communicate with.
    • Build up a level of trust with others in the organization.
  • What if you are in a rut, or the prospect/client has gone quiet - what do you do?
    • Be patient, don't let your problem become the customer's problem.
    • Evaluate the situation, where did things leave off?
    • Find something, a compelling event, a location, and use it as a reminder to re-engage.
  • It is about them, it is not about you.
  • Maintain a service-oriented approach.
  • Help your client solve problems.
  • Don't make up the story in your head.  Stay engaged.  Build your network.

Bonus Question - A Prospect Re-engages, How Do I Make Sure I get Credit for the Sale?

  • Sometimes a prospect/client will go silent, a couple of months later they may return via the website.  They fill out a lead form and get re-directed to someone else in the company.
  • You, as the rep are responsible for documenting your activity.
  • Ask the question - if you have been working with them for over a year, why did they come through the website?
    • Sometimes this is the result of client research.
    • Sometimes they are looking for a competitive quote.
  • Do your job - make sure you are following your internal process.
  • Ask the prospect - how did you find us?
  • Establish clear process & procedures.  Set expectations.
  • Sometimes it makes sense to double comp the team - you might identify a gap in your own process.

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