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Apr 17, 2018

Using Data to Improve Sales Performance, Management, and Leadership

Rob Käll is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cein, Inc.   Rob is passionate about data, machine learning, natural language processing, and using these technologies to improve organizations.  

We met Rob through a listener of the Catalyst Sale podcast, and we think you will enjoy getting to know him as well.  On this episode, we discuss measuring things that matter, using data to gather insight and improve outcomes, how Machine Learning + Human Intelligence improve performance, and many other topics.

Questions Addressed

  • Why is data important to Rob?
  • What does it mean to measure what matters?
  • What is Natural Language Processing?
  • How can AI, Data, NLP, be used for personal development, coaching, and management?
  • What does the future look like when considering AI?
  • How do we differentiate between the signal and the noise when it comes to AI and Machine Learning?
  • What are some of the things Rob knows now that he wishes he would have known 5 years ago?

Key Takeaways

  • Replace hunches with facts
  • See beyond KPIs
  • Measure what matters - some numbers go up, some go down, but what do they really mean?
  • Use AI to measure & reduce gaming
  • We know that data is never perfect, it is likely incomplete, inconsistent, delayed, etc.
  • Use data as a signal.
  • Call John, Talk to John, John Reached Out to Me - all may relate, NLP (Natural Language Processing) allows you to connect these things, correlate, and identify patterns.
  • NLP can be used for coaching - coaching in context.
  • You cannot apply your playbook to every situation.
  • Humans are excellent at picking up patterns - but we are also subject to our own biases.
  • The combination of the computer analysis with human intelligence you can very quickly realize a new level of importance.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences will fundamentally change how we work within the next 10 years, across all industries.
  • Small improvements can yield significant impact long term.
  • Rob - "we use simple measurements of success.  Baseline, and illustrate changes in performance."
  • Improving sales productivity can be the ultimate medicine for your business.
  • You are going to feel like you are failing as you build your business.  If you are making progress, and you keep solving problems, you will have success.
  • Continue to deliver something of value.
  • Business partners are important, they can help with focus.
  • You have to say No.
  • Organizations work when you have a solid culture, and everyone is working toward the same goals. Communication is critical
  • Don't forget about the importance of 1:1 communication, throughout the organization - know your people
  • "As a startup founder, it is your obligation to care about every member of your team"
  • Training should be more than an afterthought - as a salesperson, you need to know your industry.
  • Nothing is more expensive than replacing a great salesperson.

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