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The Find My Catalyst Podcast is published weekly.  We take listener questions at @catalystsale on twitter or via email.

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Nov 6, 2018

The One Thing - a Catalyst Sale Book Review

This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we review a book that applies to our work, our approach, and sales in general. The One Thing, by Gary Keller - is the book we discuss on this week's episode of the podcast.

Please let us know what you think of this format, and if there are any books you would like us to add to our review list.

This episode is brought to you by our sponsor - getAbstract

Questions Addressed

  • How do we apply the concepts discussed in The One Thing?
  • How do we use tools like getAbstract?

Key Takeaways

  • Superior success comes from the extraordinary focus on your “ONE Thing.”
    Multitasking is a weakness, it is not a good thing
  • Your brain will not allow you to do multiple things at once
  • There are switching costs in moving from one thing to another
  • Multitasking gives you the chance to screw up multiple things
  • This applies to big things and little things
  • Ask the focusing question
    • What is the one thing I can do such that, by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?"
  • Find your focal point
  • The formula for reaching your goals is "Purpose, Priority, and Productivity"
  • How does your passion align with your focus?
  • Jody shares a Dan Cockerell - Housekeeper story
    • The best housekeepers at Disney found JOY from cleaning
    • Passion matters
  • Ask yourself this question - What can I do today to make a difference?
  • Success is about doing the right thing, not doing everything right.
  • Work on the right things
  • Activity is often unrelated to productivity
  • In the past, multitasking and being busy may have been worn as a badge of honor
  • We all have the same time in a day - what are you doing with your time?
  • Ask yourself - How can I stay more focused?
  • Jody - If you are too busy…you may be doing something wrong
  • Adoption of concepts vs Adaption of concepts.  Jody takes an adaptation approach.
  • Both Jody & Mike use notecards to maintain focus on a daily basis.
    • Mike - I write down the three things I need to move forward
  • You know what to Do - focus on those things.
  • Knowing your One Thing can help you say NO to the things that do not align.
  • "Take care of your health with good food, exercise, stress relief, family time and sleep.

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