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Oct 16, 2018

Guest - Mike Sarraille, CEO EF Overwatch

Mike is a retired Navy Seal, founder of Vetted, and CEO of EF Overwatch.  EF Overwatch connects veterans with companies who are looking to address talent gaps.  They are currently focused on placing retired Special Ops & Combat Aviators.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode.  We discuss leadership, common mistakes leaders make, how to overcome these mistakes, and why you should consider hiring veterans in your workspace.  We also discuss the direct correlation between military experience and the private sector.

Questions Addressed

  • How does military experience apply to the non-military workspace?
  • What are some common mistakes leaders make?
  • As a leader, how do I check myself to make sure I'm not making these mistakes?
  • What is meant by leading up & down in an organization?
  • Leadership development and learning over time
  • Can you describe the onboarding process when adding new leaders to a team?
  • How can we help veterans make the transition to the private sector?
  • Can you discuss what it means to detach?

Key Takeaways

  • It’s all about leadership
  • There are three primary categories of mistakes leaders make. 
    • #1 - They don’t believe in the mission/organization
    • #2 - Ego
    • #3 - Extreme Ownership
  • Extreme Ownership Starts with Humility
  • A common question Mike hears is - How do you overcome a bad boss?
    • #1 - Keep your ego in check
    • #2 - Lead up and down
    • #3 - Work together
  • Steadfast humility - keep your ego in check
  • One of the worst misconceptions about leadership in the military is that we all fall in line.
  • There is a time for just get it done, but that is not the norm.
  • "It is not what you preach, it’s what you tolerate"
  • The military does not have a zero-defect mentality. People will make mistakes.  Learn from these mistakes an move forward
  • After action processes
  • Great mentor and coaches
  • AAR (After Action Review) this is similar to a post-mortem
    • It is about Learning
    • It is important to make Failures known.
    • Identify the Solution
    • AARs are used in both successful missions & failed missions
    • Answer the question - "How do we get better?"
  • Decentralized Command
    • Everyone Leads
    • It is important that the team knows the "Why".
    • The leader explains the why - desired end state
    • Communicates what the standard is.
    • Think of this in the context of "The Box"
      • Initial the boundaries of the box are tight.
      • Over time, the boundaries expand.
      • The Box gets larger.
  • Why EF Overwatch?
    • Military experience brings - Learning Agility + Mindset
    • There is no quit in these guys.
    • Focused on sourcing talented & humble leaders in organizations.
  • Detachment is important, because...
    • When you try to solve everything at once you solve nothing.
    • You have to have the ability to relax, back away
    • Calm is contagious
  • Mindset can overcome a lack of industry experience

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