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Improve Performance, Provoke Thought, Think Critically.

You are constantly striving to improve.  You are looking for practical tips you can apply to your daily work that will impact your performance.  You are looking for advice from professionals who do the work. You want to engage with professionals who have been in your shoes.

Be the Founder that can clearly articulate the problem your company solves.

Be the Sales Professional that your customers want to work with.

Be the Learning Professional who can deliver your solution in the context of the business.

The Find My Catalyst Podcast is published weekly.  We take listener questions at @catalystsale on twitter or via email.

Topics discussed - Revenue Operations, Customer Success, Goal Setting & Execution, Mindset, Performance, B2B Sales, Sales Training, Product Market Fit, Growth, Hiring, Recruitment, Sales Process, Business Acumen, Startups, Leadership.

Oct 3, 2023

If I'm not getting fired up, then am I just kind of buying time and just going through the motions?

Matt Ferguson


In this episode you will learn:

  • Gain the confidence to know when it's time to leave a company and navigate challenging relationships with difficult bosses or leaders.

  • Evaluate your personal growth and belief in the product or service being sold, leading to a clearer understanding of your career path.

  • Cultivate continuous learning and growth in your current role, unlocking new opportunities and expanding your skills.

  • Utilize an energy-impact matrix to guide decision-making, ensuring you make choices that align with your values and priorities.

  • Recognize and overcome the fear of change, empowering yourself to make bold decisions and pursue fulfilling roles.


Matt Ferguson

Matt is the founder of MDF Coaching and Consulting.  He helps Sales Leaders and Reps Drive Predictable Sales, and New Sales Managers Turn their Sales Process into a Leadership Process.

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