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Jun 22, 2020

In this episode, Mike talks with Justin Rohner about entrepreneurship, mindset and gardening. Justin is the Founder and CEO of Agriscaping Technologies and Director of the Queen Creek Botanical Garden.

Questions Answered:

  • From an entrepreneurial aspect, where does creativity come into play?
  • What questions do you use to drive curiosity?
  • Should there always be balance?
  • Are mindset and perspective critical?
  • How do we avoid negative traps?
  • Why do we fear talking about mistakes or sharing failure with others?

Key Takeaways:

  • Without creativity, the unknowns become scary and will scare you away from doing anything.
  • Curiosity is the best pathway to creativity.
  • Ask, “how do we serve people in the present moment.”
  • Emotions are great indicators
  • How can I use this emotion? What is it showing me?
  • Energy is always good. It’s just a matter of how you direct it.
  • Once we are aware that we are on a ladder somewhere, we can choose to jump up the ladder and re-address the situation.
  • We are combining the best of productive agriculture with the best of ornamental landscape.
  • A victim blames, an owner creates.
  • Find community events that connect entrepreneurs
  • The nature of a strong economy is expansion.
  • Move forward with the concept of service to others
  • The more people you serve more often, the more wealth you have.
  • Ask the right questions, move things forward.

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Queen Creek Botanical Garden

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