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Aug 28, 2018

Applying the StoryBrand Framework with J.J. Peterson - Chief of Staff - StoryBrand.

This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we revisit StoryBrand and the StoryBrand Framework.  This is one of my favorite discussions to date, and one that I think many of you will save and listen to multiple times.  

We even manage to get some "free consulting" out of J.J. on the podcast, and have applied his recommendations to our home page.  Thank you J.J.

Questions Addressed

  • How has StoryBrand impacted what we are doing at Catalyst Sale?
  • Why do we/Companies want to be the hero?
  • Why do we feel like we have to fall back on feature functionality, rather than the customer story?
  • Does the hero know what success or failure looks like at the beginning?
  • How can we communicate better, and speak more plainly?
  • Have you used the Starbucks test?
  • How can you create magical moments in your customer experience?

Key Takeaways

  • StoryBrand - brand scripts at Catalyst Sale - when we consider new products or services, a StoryBrand brandscript is part of the process.
  • Brandscript - how to talk to the customer in a way that illustrates what's important and helps them engage in the discussion.
  • We know the people at parties who only talk about themselves, they annoy us.  For some reason, we think we need to do this in sales, and ultimately it comes across as insincere.
  • The Hero does not become the Hero until the end of the story.
  • The Guide does not transform throughout the story.
  • The Hero goes through an up-down-up-down cycle.
  • Think of Mary Poppins - she is the guide, not the hero.  The dad is the hero who goes through the hero's journey
  • Features are about us, the benefit is about the customer.
  • StoryBrand BrandScript - 6 things you need to address.
    • # 1 - Identity who your character is (customer) - What do they want, and what do they want to be.
    • # 2 - Identity what is the problem & what do they need to overcome. (position yourself as a brand that solves problems)
    • # 3 - You have to position yourself as the guide. Do this through Empathy & Authority.
    • # 4 - The Plan - "here's the plan" - your customer needs to see that there is a way forward.  (don' t land on the feature, always land on the benefit)
    • # 5 - Call to Action - what's the next step, no guessing
    • # 6 - There are stakes - Success or Failure
  • When you are talking about failure, you do not need to pile on.
  • When it comes to success, talk about things in the context of short-term & long-term.
  • People do not have time to think - if you make me think, you are going to lose me.
  • Big words confuse people - think about this question "what is the benefit?"
  • Starbucks test - 3 seconds, 3 questions
    • What do we do?
    • How does it make your life better?
    • How can I get it?
  • Create magical moments for your customers, focus on the details, deliver the experience.
  • The story is not about you as a company - it is about the customer.

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