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Mar 6, 2018

Feedback Loops, including the OODA Loop & Leadership

Lt Col. Retired, David “Chip” Berke is our guest this week.  Dave served 23 years as a Marine, mostly flying airplanes as a fighter pilot.  He is currently with Echelon Front as a Leadership Instructor.

Dave shares his experience with the OODA loop as a pilot, forward air controller, and in the business environment.  We also discuss the science and art of this process, and how this applies in sales, learning, and leadership.

Questions Addressed

  • What is the OODA Loop?
  • How do you apply the OODA loop or feedback loops today in business?
  • How do feedback loops apply to leadership?
  • How do questions apply to this process?

Key Takeaways

  • John Boyd F-86 pilot - Korean War
    • Boyd figured out that there is a process that we use to make a decision.
    • The capability of your equipment can’t be what limits your success.
  • OODA loop translates into every aspect of our lives.  There are four phases/stages - Observe, Orient, Decide, & Act - Repeat
  • When it comes to data, there are things we can gather, there are things we are looking for that we miss, and there are things we simply discover.
  • Assumptions get in the way of Observations.
  • Transformation of data to information - this is hard - putting the data into context
  • The more times you do something the easier it is to assess and determine the potential outcomes
  • The more experienced we are - the likelihood that our decisions will be correct.
  • There is a lot of science in data acquisition, however some of the decisions are more art than science. You need to rely on your instincts.
  • Making Decisions is Hard, but not that Hard.  People are pretty good at this part.
  • There is a discussion between decision and action
  • Taking action is Hard - Once you take action, you now own the outcome.
  • The action is the thing that matters most.
  • Once you take action, you immediately get feedback, this starts the loop again.
  • The deciding factor for success is how quickly you can act.You are going to be wrong, we are always making mistakes.
  • Act, inform, re-act, reinform, re-act, inform - create efficiency in action
  • EM Diagram - Energy Management - equipment - shows you what you are good at & what you are not good at. You can do this for yourself and competitors and define a plan that helps you avoid your competitors' strengths.
  • DO the reps - take action, this is how you get better.
  • The debrief is part of the process, it is If you want to get good at leading - LEAD, take the feedback, apply to scenarios, gain experience.
  • Apply the information within your feedback loop, and use it to learn, adapt, and act.
  • Two ways to get good at something - Experience & Training
  • “You do not want to be the best salesperson in a company that goes bankrupt”
  • You can give yourself more information to orient on by asking questions.
  • Your intuition, your presumptions, they are not natural, they are based on your experience. The more reps you get, the better you will get.
  • The lessons in “Extreme Ownership” are applicable in every aspect of life

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